Sunday, 26 September 2010

A German-English story for the European Day of Languages

As today is the European Day of Languages I thought it might be a lovely idea to write a story in German with as many English words as possible (or words which are close to them).

Can you spot them?

Familie Schmidt ist sehr sportlich und hat viele Hobbys.
Die Mutter geht jede Woche ins Fitnesscenter und sie geht joggen. Nächste Woche rennt sie einen Marathon. Manchmal spielt sie auch Tennis. Als Managerin eines Shopping-Centers muss sie oft auf Konferenzen und übernachtet dann in einem Hotel.

Der Sohn spielt gerne Gitarre und ist in einer Band. Sie haben schon auf einem Festival gespielt und es gibt auch eine CD von der Band. Früher hat er Violine gespielt, aber jetzt mag er lieber moderne Musik und Jazz. Er arbeitet gerne am Computer und wenn er keine Emails schreibt, chattet er im Internet mit seinen Freunden. Er möchte eine Karriere als Pilot und arbeitet hart an seiner Qualifikation. Wenn er Hunger hat, isst er gerne Fastfood mit Ketchup.

Die Tochter ist ein Theaterfan. Sie geht auch gerne in die Oper und ins Konzert. Sie spielt Violine in einem Orchester und studiert Psychology an der Universität.Sie interessiert sich für Politik und Musik, und sie isst liebend gerne Pizza.

Der Vater ist Professor an einer Universität. Er interessiert sich für Planeten und das Universum. Er ist Vegetarier und manchmal kann er ein Tyrann sein. Dann erlaubt er seiner Familie kein Fastfood, keine Pizza, keinen Kaffee und keinen Alkohol! Sie dürfen dann nur Salat mit Tomaten und Joghurt mit Bananen essen!
Letzte Woche war er auf einer Demonstration und wurde von der Polizei verhaftet.

Während er auf der Polizeistation in Isolation war, hatte die Familie eine perfekte Party mit Pizza, Sex, Zigaretten und Alkohol. Ein Happy End?!?!?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The difference a little song makes

Last week was the start of another school year at the German Saturday School in Frome. Some of the older children left us in July but we got some new children. It's a lovely group but a bit reluctant to sing. I love teaching German with songs, but don't really want to sing on my own!

So, what to do?

I showed them a video of a song. They watched it, loved it, wanted to hear it again and sang ....

Today they came running into the classroom asking to sing the song. One mum came in and asked whether I really taught them this song. Another mum told me the song alone would be reason enough for her son to attend.

I just played it to my (adult) son who thinks it's a very stupid song, but I agree with the children: it's brilliant!!!

So what is it?
Check it out for yourself:

Thanks Detlef, for this wonderful song! For more of Detlef Cordes' songs check out

Friday, 10 September 2010

New Year's Resolutions

No, not the ones you have on the 1st January, although losing weight and keeping fit wouldn't be a bad idea ;-)

I'm talking about the new school year that has just started.

With horror I noticed that I wrote my last blog in December 09.
Did I not have fun since then? Oh yes, I did!

Unfortunately, by the time I came home from lessons and did this and that and the other I forgot, and a few days, weeks or even months later it didn't seem right to post the funny incidents - stupid, I know!

So, I didn't write about the lovely mini theatre performance my
German Saturday School children performed (More pictures on )

I didn't write about the student who needed the German word for toaster (it's Toaster btw). He didn't look it up but made up his own translation. He called it 'das Brötchenfeuer' (the bread roll fire).

I didn't write about the business client who showed me some emails he wrote in German and when I commented on the use of capital letters at the beginning of some nouns, verbs and adjectives, he replied:"Ah, I remembered you saying something about capital letters but couldn't remember where they go, so I just put them anywhere!"

And I didn't write about the evening class student who proudly told the rest of the class that he liked shooting "Ich schieße gern." Unfortunately he got the 'ie' mixed up with 'ei', which gave it a complete new meaning ... (I won't write it here but it has something to do with toilets).

Any other funny incidents I have already forgotten - shame!

So, my New Year's resolution, or this year's homework, is: MUST WRITE MORE BLOGS

Watch this space ...