Saturday, 18 September 2010

The difference a little song makes

Last week was the start of another school year at the German Saturday School in Frome. Some of the older children left us in July but we got some new children. It's a lovely group but a bit reluctant to sing. I love teaching German with songs, but don't really want to sing on my own!

So, what to do?

I showed them a video of a song. They watched it, loved it, wanted to hear it again and sang ....

Today they came running into the classroom asking to sing the song. One mum came in and asked whether I really taught them this song. Another mum told me the song alone would be reason enough for her son to attend.

I just played it to my (adult) son who thinks it's a very stupid song, but I agree with the children: it's brilliant!!!

So what is it?
Check it out for yourself:

Thanks Detlef, for this wonderful song! For more of Detlef Cordes' songs check out

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  1. Thank YOU Angelika! Sabine and me, we are sending our best wishes to the children - and of course to you! We are happy you like the song and that you sing along. All the best to you - Keep on singing!